5 Reasons why blog design affects SEO

Blog design has always been subject of debate while talking about its relation with SEO. It is true that your website design does not affect SEO directly. But it is also true that it can affect SEO in many ways.

effect of web design on seo

Though many SEO experts say that Design of web does not affect SEO directly but there is a big reason why you should consider making your web easily accessible for users.

Simple design of you Website or Blog makes it easy for users to access website. Therefore, simple design brings good user experience hence low bounce rate and high session duration which are valueable SEO factors.

Web Design factors that affect SEO :

  1. If your header has considerably more height, then your main content hides below the fold screen and users have to scroll to view the main content (or article).
  2. If you have placed any ad before main content, user loses the interest in your website and quits. Hence bounce increases.
  3. Images does add life to web page but too many Images can increase your page's size and which results in longer loading time.
  4. Many websites embed YouTube Videos on page, this increases web page's size.
  5. Website owners add Facebook and twitter social plugins that makes website super heavy.
  6. Another reason of